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Premier online recording studio for mixing and mastering music and post production

A Note to Our Clients

If you’re a creator, be creative.

Use your time wisely. You only get so much of it.

The ability to focus on one thing is a luxury. Our goal as audio engineers is to afford our clients that luxury.

When we mix a song for our 
clients, they know they will 
get the highest quality mix possible. That’s one big slice of stress that’s not on their plates. 

Don’t waste your time wishing your music sounded better.

Be proactive and get your music mixed by our team so it will sound better!

Free Resources! 

Whenever we find freebies, we will share them on here.


Words from our Clients

Cortney D. Baker, Ed. D.

"Steven - Thank you for everything! You are unlimited."

Chase Julian

"Steven was very professional and got my project back to me in less than the agreed upon time frame. Will for sure work with Steven again!"

Margery Miller

People Biz, Inc.

"Working with Steven was very fun and easy. We finished my book in only two and a half hours. And the audio book was edited and uploaded within 24 hours. I recommend working with Steven!

Rebecca R. Nye

"Steven, Thank you so much for your help. May you be blessed beyond your fondest dreams."

Elizabeth Thresher

"Steven was incredibly easy to work with. Quick to respond. Provided insightful suggestions that enhanced what I envisioned. Pumped to share what we created with others. Highly recommend collaborating with him!"

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